Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ok, people! It's update time!

Ok. So, since having taken my compositing 2 class, I had the privilege of working on a group project known as Hominid. I was one of three environment modelers for the project and was assigned to model the largest set used.It was a desert scene with a very specific intended look. I'll post that video when I have it to post, but I'm currently waiting on our project's technical director to send the crew and I the finalized version (finishing touches and the sort, ya know?)  In the meantime, I've been working hard to build up my demo reel.I've finally chosen a focus and that focus is 3D modeling. I am more interested in the hard surface and environmental aspects, but clearly have experience with organic modeling as well. I'm currently building an arcade room, complete with skeeball machines, a Dance Dance Revolution arcade cabinet, more-conventional cabinets, a free-throw basketball machine, and bubble hockey table. Here's a few pics of some of the finalized pieces. (When they're rendered out for my demo reel, they'll look much better)

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